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*****PILLS UPDATE****Same product, same ingredients, same company, they’ve rebranded the packaging.

Includes 1 bottle of Syrup and 1 pack of Tablets. If this is your first time using Apetamin I do not reccomend that you use both at the same time. Choose which one you'll take first. Use it until you run out of it and then use the other. Each order comes with a card that gives detailed instructions on how to use each item.


All our orders ship directly from our Headquarters located in Calumet City, Illinois. Once your order is paid you will receive an email within 1-2 days with your updated tracking number after we print your shipping label. After your shipping label is printed, we then carefully package your Apetamin syrup or tablets in bubble wrap to prevent them from breaking or being damaged in the mail. Each order comes with a card that has detailed instructions on how to use our products. After your bottles are wrapped and placed into USPS packing, we make sure to put fragile stickers on your packages so that the post office can know to handle your package delicately. Once your order is completely packaged, we schedule for your packages to be picked up by the mail carrier. Once your package is dropped off to the USPS post office by the mail carrier and is scanned into their system we ARE NO LONGER responsible for your package. You will be able to use your tracking number to watch your package as it makes its journey to your mailbox.


Your order will eventually get to your mailbox and the mailman will mark your package DELIVERED. If your package has been marked as DELIVERED and you have not received it, PLEASE contact USPS online at USPS.COM or Call: 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777) . We are not responsible at all for any lost or stolen packages once it is delivered to you. If you feel that your packages are at risk of being stolen please opt for your packages to require a signature before it con be released to you or arrange for someone to be home to retrieve your package after it is delivered to your mailbox.


All orders usually ship from our headquarters within 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS after your order is placed. Example: if you place and pay for your order on a Monday, it will ship by Thursday. If your order is placed on a Friday, it will ship by Tuesday morning. After your order is shipped, i still has to be scanned at the post office before your tracking information has any information on the tracking link.

We use USPS for all of our packages.

If your bottle happens to arrive broken (which is rare) we will offer you a FULL refund or ship you another bottle for free. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

(Package Deal)

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